Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Printable Workout: More Training variations for Bodybuilders

Another Series of Printable Workouts for your whole body. If you go to the Gym and you find your self getting bored. Than you are not training right and you are not training for gains. These workout guides should help you in the Gym to mix it up and make the ultimate Bodybuilding Body.

Printable Workout: Back Workout

Printable Workout: Abdominal Workout

Printable Workout: Leg Workout

Printable Workout: Shoulder Workout

Printable Workout: Stretching for Flexing

Printable Workout: Dumbbell Workout

Printable Workout: Chest Workout

Printable Workout: Triceps Workout

Printable Workout for Bodybuilders: Workout Guides to get the best out of training

If you are ever in need of some new workout ideas and instructions. Than here is some pictures to give you some new variety to your Bodybuilding Workout routine. We all know that the body grows and gets stronger when you mix your work out. Your training session should never stay the same if so you will be left wondering why you are not growing your muscles why you are not making gains and why this or that. So look at the pictures bellow and you will definitely get some ideas for your next raining session.

Printable Workout: Six Pack Abs Core Workout

Printable Workout: Six Pack Abs Core Workout

Abs Core Workout

Printable Workout: Arms & Shoulders Gym Workout

Printable Workout: Back & Abs Day

Printable Workout: Big Arms Workout

Printable Workout: Chest Workout

Printable Workout: Massive Pecs Chest Sculpting Workout

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Artistic Black and white photos of Female Fitness Models

 Check out this awesome collection of black and white photos of Female Fitness Models.

BODYART: A collection of amazing Bodyart Photos

 Bodyart is art. look at this collection of truly amazing Bodyart Photography

Fashion and Fitness Represented in Pictures

 Fashion and Fitness go hand in hand if you have a good body you can look good in just about anything. It makes shopping A hell of a lot easier. check out these pictures of Fashion and Fitness represented in one.

Hot Asian Fitness Models

There is absolutely no limits to Bodybuilding and building the perfect figure. These Hot Asian Fitness Models are the hottest in the Business. Natural Bodybuilding has no limits when it comes to culture nationality and race. If your in need of more Inspiration check out the Bodybuilding Figurines Blog